Quick Facts: Edit

Birthday 8 Norui, 2986 Hair Black
Homeland Edhellond, Gondor Eyes Grey-blue
Age 36 Height ~6'4"

Full Name: Gwaithmir Mironnen Girithlin

House: Girithlin, Edhellond branch

Title: Loremaster, League of the Scroll; Bard, League of the Harp

Occupation: Tends to Girithlin's libraries, some duties with the guilds

Family: Caronnen Girithlin (Father), Nilbrethil (Draudagnir) Girithlin (Mother), Findulian (Tarikhor) Girithlin (wife), Eruiglas Girithlin (brother), Lominzil Girithlin (brother, deceased), Farielle Girithlin (sister)

History: Edit

Gwaithmir was born in the spring of 3024 to Caronnen Girithlin and his wife Lady Nelbrethil, formerly of the Daudagnir. His family's holdings were in Edhellond and the areas about it, though Caronnen is often away in Dol Amroth, being engaged at the court and solicited for advise and council by the Prince. Of four siblings Gwaithmir was the second, having as eldest brother (and nearest him in age) Eruiglas, and as younger brother and sister Lominzil and Farielle. Three years are between the eldest two brothers, between Gwaithmir and Lominzil there were ten years, and but one betwixt Lominzil and Farielle.

An intelligent and precocious child, Gwaithmir was ever more an academic than his knightly brother. Both were schooled by the loremasters of House Girithlin, receiving intensive education in the arts, history, politics, diplomacy, courtly graces, and warfare. Eruiglas and Gwaithmir formed a perfect parternship, each excelling where the other did not; the only field in which they were evenly matched was hunting, which both brothers love. Gwaithmir proved adept in the study of languages, preferring the Elven tongues above all others, and was possessed of romantic sensibilities that lent him an advantage in history (especially that of the Eldar), linguistics, poetry, and music.

When a gangly youth of fourteen Gwaithmir left the green idyll of Edhellond for a paradise of another sort - the Court of Dol Amroth. There for three years he served as a Server to the Prince (waiting on the Prince's table), continued his studies in the arts, and began to install himself in the court and its politics. Young as he was, Gwaithmir was charming and thoughtful, earning respect among the courtiers. At this same time, Eruiglas was taken as a Squire in the Prince's household.

At the age of seventeen Gwaithmir was given leave by the Prince to study in Minas Tirith. He remained in the city for six years, first as an apprentice at Ostaher Academy, the last two years as a Lorekeeper, and simultaneously a Bard of the League of the Scroll. After that time he determined to return to Dol Amroth, for he missed his family and the lands of his youth, and once again entered the Prince's court. His brother was by now knighted, and it was many and many a merry day the two spent at court. Gwaithmir's main duties were in the Prince's libraries, and tending to matters of patronage and the arts, though he sometimes sat in council or was sent on diplomatic missions.

Notable Relationships: Edit

With Elwen Aiwelinde, the Noldorin lady visiting Minas Tirith. Elwen gifted Gwaithmir with an Elven gem set in a pendant and named him Elf-Friend. Gwaithmir all but worships the ground she walks on.

His best friend and fellow scholar, Aneirin Isilrim. Aneirin was Gwaithmir's mentor and teacher when he arrived in Minas Tirith. Their relationship endured a lengthy interlude during the War, as Aneirin was fighting alongside Faramir in Ithilien while Gwaithmir returned to Dol Amroth. Together again in Minas Tirith, Gwaithmir keeps Aneirin civil while Aneirin keeps Gwaithmir sane.

Aurelion Rilithiar has shown a surprising respect for Gwaithmir, even gifting him a beautiful dagger that some think may be Elven. He even offered to teach Gwaithmir how to use it, a gift Gwaithmir is a little hesitant to accept.

Gwaithmir's favourite woman in Gondor, his cousin (through his mother) Tathar Nimothan.

He is also a devotee of courtly love, and as such will gladly profess devotion to the Queen and the Princesses of Dol Amroth. Indeed, he grieved rather lengthily when Lothiriel wed King Eomer of Rohan.