Minas Tirith

Gondorians are a proud people both by their heritage as Numenoreans and by their long years of fighting back the might of Mordor.  The Haradrim have long been their enemies, with the southern fiefs bearing the brunt of their attacks.  Many people of southern Gondor have lost family members to the Corsairs.  The northern fiefs feel less hatred towards the Haradrim, having no direct wars with them.

Most Gondorians fear and distrust elves, knowing little of them beyond ancient legends, and rumors of a perilous witch who dwells in a wood to the north.  The people of Dol Amroth, and some few scholars are more amiably inclined towards elves.  None have been seen in any of Gondor’s lands for time beyond memory, until the King returned with one at his side.  Many people are secretly uncomfortable that he has married one, even though the Lady Arwen is gentle and kind and has won herself many friends.

Of dwarves and hobbits, Gondorians know little and have no particular opinion.  The Perian - halflings - that came during the War appear to be children, no more than 10 years of age, but proved themselves to be doughty warriors.  Perhaps all of their kinsmen are the same.

Gondor has been at war for a long time.  From the east, the armies of Mordor continually tested the borders, raiding into Ithilien and Osgiliath.  From the south, the Corsairs sailed to invade the coastal lands.  Nearly every family, noble or not, has someone - a son, a brother, a father, a cousin, an uncle - who has died in battle.  

And nearly every male is able to take up arms at his Lord’s command.  The inland fiefs, where war has not come, still train their farmers and small-holders in the basics of fighting.  

Women do not fight, though notably, some of the more fiery of Gondor’s daughters have persuaded their armsmasters or brothers or friends to teach them some rudiments of sword-play.  But they are not permitted to join the armies.  Women do travel to war however, as healers, and in other positions where they are out of direct danger.  If you want to play a woman who knows how to use a sword, you will need to RP her persuading someone to teach her.

Now that the King has returned, and the greater part of both Mordor and Harad’s armies have been cast down, the threat of war is lessened.  For a little while, Gondor’s men can put down their swords and spears, and rest.  But there are still roaming bands of orcs, no longer under Sauron’s control, who raid the borders.  Not all the Corsairs were defeated, nor all the tribal warriors of Far Harad.  And there is the looming threat of the far eastern lands, with their well-armed and disciplined soldiers.