Welcome to the Elessar MUSH WikiaEdit

This is a place to collect all information related to the Tolkien-themed Elessar MUSH.

What We're AboutEdit

MUSHing is the original improv writing: "like inviting someone else's brain out on a play-date."  Join us and set your imagination on fire again.  

We are a small group of writers who got our start on Elendor Mush.  Unlike role-playing games, our focus is specifically on writing, and the fun of immersing ourselves in a world with other writers.  Our love for words and stories has culminated in a long-term, collaborative role-play project.

The world we write in is the Fourth Age of Middle Earth.  Not familiar with it?  Not a problem.  Our first love is Tolkien, but we also have available options for any setting or scene you can dream up.

For those coming from a mud or mushing background, we are RP-heavy, with very little code.  

Any and all information not contained in this Wiki (and some that is!) can be found at the main webpage.

Latest activityEdit

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