Many of us have written many characters for many scenes, short or ongoing. But we also have a few characters that we go back to over and over again. Information on these oft-used characters can be found here, so never again will you be left wondering what Conalmir's birthdate is! Not all of our characters are fully fleshed out as they may only appear in one scene. You'll find some of these characters listed here, as well as the brain babies with lengthy backstories. Some of these characters have been in existence for a decade (or more!) and have long, storied histories behind them.

Of course, no representation of Tolkien's world is complete without some of his iconic characters. The likes of King Elessar and Queen Arwen appear in some of our scenes. However, these characters are often played by many different writers. Because we have attempted to keep them as close as possible to their book selves, Tolkien remains the best reference for these characters and as such they'll not be listed here.

Gondor Edit

Conalmir Tarikhor

Mikkan anAlkhaszor Tarikhor

Eruiglas Girithlin

Gwaithmir Girithlin

Aurelion Rilithiar

Firiel (Girithlin) Isilrim

Daerion Girithlin

Calimendil Girithlin

Aneirin Isilrim

Invareth (Girithlin) Isilrim

Umbar Edit



Belzagar anAnzulada

Elves Edit

Elwen Aiwelinde